BLOG #93. StereoPravda Program with Misha Kucherenko #10


BLOG #93. StereoPravda Program with Misha Kucherenko #10

On Friday, January the 22nd, at 9 pm Moscow time, AVREPORTrussia YouTube channel broadcasted another program by Misha Kucherenko called “StereoPravda”..

This program #10 will feature a live broadcast of an interview with Stephen Ambrose of Asius Technologies whose innovations in hearing matters are numerous - from inventing the In-The-Ear Monitor concept per se in 1960-ies, through coming up with his own innovating IEMs and special modules (e.g. called ADEL) designed to be much less harmful to our hearing, and up to helping Brian Johnson of AC/DC to overcome his severe hearing loss that allowed his glorious come back to record the just released new album with the band.

It was in English (with serial - back and forth - translation to Russian).

The link to the recording of this program is here:

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