“There is a set of advantages that have to do with material resources, and there is a set that have to do with the absence of material resources – and the reason underdogs win as often as they do is that the latter is sometimes every bit the equal of the former”.

Malcolm Gladwell, “David and Goliath”.

Misha Kucherenko has been a well known figure in the Russian audiophile circles since 1993 when he co-founded the first Rusain real audiophile store called “The Purple Legion”.

Through its history “PL” has been distributing in Russia the products from some of the most respected audiophile brands, including Apogee Acoustics, Krell, Audio Research Corporation, Magnepan, Klipsch, Kimber Kable, MSB, Genesis Louspeakers, Stereovox, Manley Labs, Grado, etc.

In 2002 Misha left “The Purple Legion” to devote his passion and energy to a new company that was called “StereoPravda”. His close relationship with his manufacturing partners lead to transition of most of them for the distribution of their products in Russia from “Purple Legion” to the new company.

Misha is also well known for his independent audio journalistic effort. Despite his unconventional views, for the last 20 years he published more than a hundred of articles and reports in various Russian magaines, including “Audiomagazine”, “Salon AV”, “Class A”, “Art Electronics”, etc. Since 2013 his monthly “Personal Opinion” column on one of the most popular Internet audio forum soundex.ru was read by many thousands of Russian audiophiles. Misha’s journalistic effort culminated in a long interview regarding portable audio, in general, and StereoPravda line of products, in particular, which he gave to a well known American magazine called “Widescreen Review” (August 2015, #198).

As a hard core audiophile and jet set travelling audio journalist for many years he’s been seeing inevitable changes coming to the audiophile hobby. Looking at the progress in various relevant technologies vs stale set of audiophile dogmas brought him a new vision: The Portable High End Audio.

To him, what matters is not a type of a no-holds-barred audio system- be it a home system or a portable one – what does matter is the initial purity of its creator’s intentions and the degree of their realization.

From his stand point and the background he’s not being seeing any adequate audio quality portable propositions coming from “The Big Boys”, so, eventually, capitalizing on his hard-earned reputation, he decided to fill the gap with his own line of products bearing the StereoPravda name.

At this time, the line consists of four In-the-Ear Monitors: SPearphone SB-5, SPearphone SB-6, SPearphone SB-7, SPearphone SB-7A, and also one dedicated portable IEM DAC/Tone Control/two-way differential amplifier to be used with the latter IEM model.

The IEMs are designed by Misha himself, the dedicated DACCA unit is designed by Alexey Malanin, who’s been Misha’s close associate for more than two decades. All these products are result of many years spent on their R&D.

StereoPravda products are 100% hand crafted and individually thoroughly tested.

Misha’s intention with this line is to carry the audiophile torch through High End Audio’s current “neutral zone” to its new incarnation.

And to pass this torch of true values to a new generation of audiophiles.