BLOG #85. A Few Details About Our New StereoPravda SPearphone “SB-6” Earphones


BLOG #85. A Few Details About Our New StereoPravda SPearphone “SB-6” Earphones

It took us more than five years to figure out how to package 90+% of our flagship “SB-7”’s sonic assault, combined with the highest possible musical resolution and the most subtle “microdynamics”, into a much more “diminutive” “ear-print” of our new model called “SB-6” (pictured left from its “big brother”).

It’s been all about finding the new earphone’s the most optimal coupling to both external ear canal general anatomy (mechanically and pneumatically), and middle ear mechanisms (pneumatically and acoustically – including earphone’s sound radiation pattern to be most optimally matched to tympanic membrane’s sound waves reception mapping).

“SB-7”’s unique properties of such couplings notwithstanding, and that is mainly why their sound is so easy on your ears, we finally found the new earphone’s overall fitting physical configuration, its appropriate acoustic sealing technique, its BA-drivers’ proper nomenclature and the respective loading mechanisms, which altogether brought the “SB-6”’s sound at arms’ lengths to the flagship model.

Overall, the “SB-6”’s sonic presentation is darker than that of the “SB-7”, with more pronounced bass frequencies, but the latter’s winning musical resolution, huge dynamics and subtle “microdynamics” are all kept intact in the “lesser” model.

Briefly speaking, over the “bigger” model, the overall sonic presentation is a tad easier on your ears than in the case of a “smaller” one.

25.05.2020 // Author:  (Bigmisha) // Number of views:  1505

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