BLOG #87. StereoPravda Program with Misha Kucherenko #4


BLOG #87. StereoPravda Program with Misha Kucherenko #4

This Thursday, September the 10th, at 7 pm Moscow time, AVREPORTrussia YouTube channel will be broadcasting a bi-weekly program by Misha Kucherenko called “StereoPravda”.

The program #4 will feature a special guest – Roman Kuznetzov of Reference Audio Analyzer.

It’s not a secret that Misha Kucherenko holds that skilled and experienced human hearing is the best tool available to evaluate sound quality, while Roman devoted many years to develop propriety methods of audio measurements.

In this live broadcast, the two positions of sound quality evaluation – ‘objective” and “subjective” - will be juxtaposed to each other to contemplate on why the objective measurements, which should justify the subjective auditioning, often fail to do so.

It will be in Russian, but questions in English are welcomed and will be answered in English.

The link is here:

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