BLOG #86. StereoPravda Program with Misha Kucherenko


BLOG #86. StereoPravda Program with Misha Kucherenko

Today, July 23, 2020 AVREPORTrussia YouTube channel will be broadcasting a bi-weekly program #2 by Misha Kucherenko called “StereoPravda”.

In it, he’ll be discussing various aspects of High End Audio, both home variety and the portable one too, including not only their current state of affairs, but also its future and its past.

The program will be “on the air” every second Thursday at 7 pm, Moscow time.

Initially it will be in Russian, but questions in English are welcomed and will be answered in English too.

In the forthcoming future, he’s planning to do an English version of the program.

The link to the program is here:

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